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Designer Africo-Rize New Collection 26 June 2019 Collaboration with Jahna Sebastian

Ms. Sebastian also collaborated with designer Africo-Rize for a photoshoot, wearing some of the pieces from the new collection. She met the designer at an event in Brixton during Black History month and was very inspired by her work. Ms. Sebastian wore the designers stunning feather earrings in her popular music video for her smash single 'The Throne' filmed by Neil Sweeney, Elemental4Productions. She also dazzled in the designers ankh earrings for her photoshoot and promo cover art for her single 'Choice To Be Free'. Africo-Rize is launching a new ready to wear collection and took part in the photoshoot. The collection features fine ankara fabrics in vibrant colors.

Ms. Sebastian shot an interview about the photo shoot with the designer and captured the creative process.


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