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Alchemist TV is the voice of the people, interview with singer, songwriter, producer Jahna Sebastian

Alchemist TV is something that can be seen as the voice of the people.

Alchemist TV is here to make the change, to let the culture have the voice of the people, rather than corporations. It's the opposite of this corporate way of thinking 'divide and rule' it's completely different, it's all about the people, the audience, the artist and everybody's story, that can unify humans around the world. That's what we need, people need to be united, this is the most important time in history, right now that we are living in and we need to have this opportunity to create culture together, to co-create and in fact that's how people of the world will make history, rather than let history make them or let it go with the flow.

Jahna Sebastian, Alchemist TV founder

Jahna Sebastian Interview


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